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SCRSS Digest

The SCRSS Digest appears three times a year and includes feature articles, reports and reviews on Russian and Soviet studies, as well as SCRSS news and Soviet Memorial Trust Fund news. Printed copies are free to SCRSS members.

Advertising and Mailshots

The Society is a membership organisation that receives no external funding. Why not support us by advertising in the SCRSS Digest or including a mailshot (insert) with the print version mailed to our membership? See our flyer (pdf, 233KB) for further information on 2017 prices and deadlines, including a special autumn 2017 issue to mark the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution.

Reviews and Features

The SCRSS Digest focuses on Russian and Soviet studies, including history, culture and language. We welcome books for review from publishers and suggestions for feature articles from authors - email the SCRSS Digest Editor at Please note that we do not pay authors, but offer 3-5 complimentary copies of the printed issue.

Previous Issues

See details and downloadable PDF versions of previous issues below (2004 to the present). New issues appear here one month after members receive the printed copy.

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No 2, Summer 2017
Publication date: 5 June 2017 (print version for members; the pdf version will appear here one month later)
'The Spark for Great Art' by Christine Lindey, art historian and lecturer.
'The Development of Soviet Literature 1921-37' by Alexei Tolstoy (abridged reprint from the Anglo-Soviet Journal, Volume 1, No 3, April 1937).
SCRSS news and Soviet Memorial Trust Fund news. Reviews: The Idea of Russia: The Life and Work of Dmitry Likhachev (Vladislav Zubok); The Fire Horse: Children’s Poems by Vladimir Maykovsky, Osip Mandelstam and Daniil Kharms (translated Eugene Ostashevsky); The Russian Canvas (Polly Blakesley).

No 1, Spring 2017
Publication date: 6 February 2017
'Russian Revolution: Hope, Tragedy, Myths' by Ekaterina Rogatchevskaia, Lead Curator of Central and East European Collections, British Library.
Russian Revolution Centenary 1917-2017 feature: '2017: A Centenary Like No Other' by Ralph Gibson, Co-Chair of the Russian Revolution Centenary Committee (RRCC), together with an abridged reprint of 'Building the Culture of Socialist Society' by Andrew Rothstein from the Anglo-Soviet Journal (Volume 47, Nos 2/3, Autumn / Winter 1987).
'Russian Prisons: From GULAG to FSIN' by Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck College, University of London.
SCRSS news and Soviet Memorial Trust Fund news. Reviews: Moscow - A Traveller's Reader (Ed. Laurence Kelly); Tolstoy, Rasputin, Others, and Me - The Best of Teffi (Teffi, tr. and ed. Robert Chandler, Rose France, Anne Marie Jackson); Memories - From Moscow to the Black Sea (Teffi, tr. and ed. Robert Chandler & Elizabeth Chandler, Anne Marie Jackson, Irina Steinberg).
SCRSS Digest, No 1, Spring 2017 (pdf, 1.85MB)

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No 3, Autumn 2016
Publication date: September 2016
'A New Picture Book for a New Soviet Childhood' by Frances Saddington
'The Soviet Union and the Spanish Civil War 1936-39' by Tom Sibley
'The Nutcracker Ballet: Sweets, Flowers and Symbolism' by Margaret Fleming-Markarian
SCRSS news and Soviet Memorial Trust Fund news. Reviews: Sheffield Documentary Film Festival 2016; Vyacheslav Zaitsev in the Hermitage; The Chaplin Machine: Slapstick, Fordism and the Communist Avant-Garde (Owen Hatherley); Radiant Illusion? Middle-Class Recruits to Communism in the 1930s (Nicholas Deakin, Ed).
SCRSS Digest, No 3, Autumn 2016 (pdf, 2.59MB)

No 2, Summer 2016
Publication date: May 2016
'Post-Socialist Nostalgia and Hope' by Dr Michael (Mick) Costello, Honorary Research Associate in Social Anthropology, University of Kent
Perestroika 30th anniversary feature: '1986: A Historic Year in the USSR' by Kate Clark, former Moscow correspondent for the Morning Star 1985-90, together with an edited reprint of Bob Daglish's Moscow Diary from the Anglo-Soviet Journal (Volume 46, No 3, Autumn 1986)
'The Psychoanalytic Kindergarten Project in Soviet Russia 1921-1930' by Yordanka Valkanova, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church University
SCRSS news and Soviet Memorial Trust Fund news. Reviews: The 'Russian' Civil Wars 1916-26: Ten Years that Shook the World (Jonathan D Smele).
SCRSS Digest, No 2, Summer 2016 (pdf, 1.7MB)

No 1, Spring 2016
Publication date: February 2016
'Lev Vygotsky and his Theory in a Nutshell' by James Ma
Perestroika 30th anniversary feature: 'Gorbachev and Perestroika' by Leonid Seleznev, together with edited reprints from the Anglo-Soviet Journal (Volume 46, No 2, Summer 1986) on 'A Dynamic Programme for Culture' and 'Creative Criticism'
'Jack Lindsay and the SCR' by Helen Lindsay
SCRSS news and Soviet Memorial Trust Fund news.Reviews: Stalin's Englishman (Andrew Lowie); The Maisky Diaries: Red Ambassador to the Court of St James's, 1932-1943 (Ivan Maisky, Gabriel Gorodetsky).
SCRSS Digest, No 1, Spring 2016 (pdf, 753KB)

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No 3, Autumn 2015
Publication date: September 2015
'The Development of Post-Soviet Central Asia: A Civil Society View' by Charles Buxton, International NGO Training & Research Centre (INTRAC)
'From Russia with Love: the Making of a Space Exhibition' by Doug Millard, Senior Curator of the Science Museum's Cosmonauts: Birth of the Space Age exhibition
'SCRSS Exhibition: Soviet War Artists 1941-45' by Diana Turner
SCRSS Digest, No 3, Autumn 2015 (pdf, 1.07MB)

No 2, Summer 2015
Publication date: June 2015
'The New Soviet Man at War: Culture and the Construction of the Ideal Soldier 1941-45' by Dr Claire McCallum, University of Exeter
'Gay Rights in Russia' by Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck College, University of London
'Find Out About Russia! A New Website for Children' by Jenny Carr, Chair, Scotland-Russia Forum
SCRSS Digest, No 2, Summer 2015 (pdf, 470KB)

No, 1 Spring 2015
Publication date: February 2015
'Soft Power, Dark Power and Academic Co-operation' by David Lane, Cambridge University
'Opening Our Eyes - The Penguin Book of Russian Poetry' by Robert Chandler
'A Tale of Two VE Days' by Dr Michael Jones
Conference report: 'The Role of Public Diplomacy in Fostering Russian-British Relations'
SCRSS Digest, No 1, Spring 2015 (pdf, 394KB)

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Autumn 2014
Publication date: September 2014
'"We value and love life too much": Lenin, the Russian Revolution and the Violence of the First World War' by Dr James Ryan, University of Cardiff
'UK-Russian Relations: Through the British Library Looking Glass' by Katya Rogatchevskaia, British Library
Report on ‘British-Soviet Friendship and Cultural Exchange: Promotion, Partnership and Propaganda’ Conference, 24 May 2014, by Dr Emily Lygo, University of Exeter
SCRSS Digest Autumn 2014 (pdf, 1.25MB)

Summer 2014: 90th Anniversary Issue
Publication date: June 2014
'SCRSS 90th Anniversary - Welcome and Short History' by Ralph Gibson
'Homes of the SCR/SCRSS: 1924–2014' by Jean Turner
'Cultural Relations – and Lawyers?' by Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck College, University of London
'Five Special Items in the SCRSS Library' by John Riley
'Baba Yaga in Brixton' by Jane Rosen
'Film at the SCR' by Kate Clark
'Robert Daglish’s Moscow Diary' by Andrew Jameson
'The SCR and the Cultural Thaw of the 1960s' by Dr Emily Lygo, University of Exeter
'Soviet War Graves in the UK and the Impetus for the Soviet War Memorial' by Phil Matthews
'Snapshots in SCRSS Library History' by Diana Turner
SCRSS Digest Summer 2014 (pdf, 2.12MB)

Spring 2014
Publication date: February 2014
'Gorky Park and the Challenges for Park Regeneration in Moscow' by Sally Prothero, LDA Design
'Deciphering the Cultural Allusions in Spoken Russian' by Olga Fedina
'Crisis Year in Russian Ballet' by Tony Devereux
SCRSS Digest Spring 2014 (pdf, 913KB)

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Autumn 2013
Publication date: September 2013
'Russo-British Chamber of Commerce' by Trevor Barton, Executive Director, RBCC
'FIFA World Cup Russia 2018' by Barry Martin, Chairman, The Russia House Ltd
'Three Years in the Russian Book Trade' by Eleanor Townsend
Report on 'Architecture of Constructivism: Universal Forms in Local Socioeconomic and Cultural Contexts Conference' by Mikhail Ilchenko and Olga Zaikina, Yekaterinburg Academy of Contemporary Art
'Alan Bush Concerts in Russia 2013-2014' by Dr Rachel O'Higgins
'Developing a Russian Language Teaching Programme for Young Speakers of Other Languages' by Dr Irina Gonchar, St Petersburg State University
SCRSS Digest Autumn 2013 (pdf, 1.18MB)

Summer 2013
Publication date: May 2013
'Yekaterinburg Nights' by Olga Zaikina, art historian and critic based in Yekaterinburg
'Yuri Norstein - Animation, Poetry and Politics' by Clare Kitson
Obituary of Stanley Forman (1921-2013)
Report on the 6th Russian Teachers' Group Conference 2013
SCRSS Digest Summer 2013 (pdf, 605KB)

Spring 2013
Publication date: February 2013
'Vladimir Putin and His Policies' by David Lane, Emeritus Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge
'The New Russian FBI: President Putin's Bloodhound' by Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck, University of London
'Stalin's Personal Library' by Professor Geoffrey Roberts, University College Cork, Ireland
'A Soviet Design for Life: the Catherine Cooke Collection of 20th-century Russian Architecture and Design' by Mel Bach, Cambridge University Library
'Whither Lenfilm?' by John Riley, film historian
SCRSS Digest Spring 2013 (pdf, 457KB)

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Autumn 2012
Publication date: September 2012
'Three Anthologies' by Robert Chandler
'Translation: The Accommodation of Foreign Literature in Russia and the USSR' by Dr Emily Lygo, University of Exeter
'Working as a Freelance Translator' by Christine Barnard
SCRSS Digest Autumn 2012 (pdf, 726KB)

Summer 2012
Publication date: June 2012
'The Red Army's Liberation of Auschwitz: 27 January 1945' by Dr Michael Jones
'Ivor Montagu and the Film Society' by John Riley
'Researching the History of the Society for Cultural Relations with the USSR' by Dr Emily Lygo, University of Exeter
Obituaries: Professor James Riordan; Russell Porter
SCRSS Digest Summer 2012 (pdf, 469KB)

Spring 2012
Publication date: February 2012
'The Second World War in Russia Today' by Professor Richard Overy, University of Exeter
'Law, Rights and Ideology in Russia' by Professor Bill Bowring, Birkbeck, University of London
'New Era in Russian Politics' by Ralph Gibson, RIA Novosti
SCRSS Digest Spring 2012 (pdf, 405KB)

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Autumn 2011
Publication date: September 2011
'Russian Parliamentary Elections, December 2011' by Ralph Gibson, RIA Novosti
'Russians and the Russian Language in the Post-Soviet Space, Part II: The European Republics of the Former Soviet Union' by Dr Nataliya Rogozhina, St Petersburg State University
SCRSS Digest Autumn 2011 (pdf, 1.28MB)

Summer 2011
Publication date: June 2011
'Architect of Disaster? Zhukov and 22 June 1941' by Professor Geoffrey Roberts, University College Cork
'The Partisan War in Belarus 1941-44' by Russell Porter
'SCRSS Music Collection' by Hamish Gallie
SCRSS Digest Summer 2011 (pdf, 821KB)

Spring 2011
Publication date: February 2011
'Russians and the Russian Language in the Post-Soviet Space, Part I: Transcaucasia and Central Asia' by Dr Nataliya Rogozhina, St Petersburg State University
'The Virtual Training Suite for Russian and Soviet Studies' by Angela Joyce
SCRSS Digest Spring 2011 (pdf, 318KB)

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Autumn 2010
Publication date: September 2010
'Prose Poems: M Il'in and his Contribution to Soviet Children's Literature' by Jane Rosen
'Reflections on the Cicely Osmond Collection' by Jill Cunningham
'On Chekhov's 150th' by Rosamund Bartlett
'Brest Fortress in Belarus' by Russell Porter
'Marius Petipa' by Tony Devereux
SCRSS Digest Autumn 2010 (pdf, 947KB)

Summer 2010
Publication date: June 2010
'Multi-Faith Russia in the 21st Century' by Nataliya Rogozhina, St Petersburg State University
'Business Travel to Russia' by Barry Martin
'The St Petersburg Association for International Co-operation' by Margarita Mudrak
SCRSS Digest Summer 2010 (pdf, 1.61MB)

Spring 2010
Publication date: February 2010
'Making the Most of the Trans-Siberian' by Andrew Jameson
'Russia: A Country to Inspire' by Christina Gibbons, Regent Holidays
SCRSS Digest Spring 2010 (pdf, 104KB)

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Autumn 2009
Publication date: September 2009
'The Nazi-Soviet Pact Reconsidered' by Professor Geoffrey Roberts, University College Cork
'Windows on War: TASS Posters in the Special Collections Department of the University of Nottingham' by Professor Cynthia Marsh, University of Nottingham
'Diaghilev in England: The Continuing Influence' by Charlotte Kasner
SCRSS Digest Autumn 2009 (pdf, 320KB)

Summer 2009
Publication date: June 2009
'The World of Art' by Christine Lindey, art historian
'Intute: Russian Social Sciences Resources Online' by Angela Joyce
'Reflections on Russian Children's Poetry of the Early Soviet Era' by Jill Cunningham
SCRSS Digest Summer 2009 (pdf, 506KB)

Spring 2009
Publication date: February 2009
'The Soviet Union's Contribution to the Defeat of Japanese Militarism' by Keith Bennett
'Radio Rossii' by L Kaplunova
SCRSS Digest Spring 2009 (pdf, 685KB)

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Winter 2008
Publication date: November 2008
'2nd Russian Film Festival in London' by John Riley and Charles Stewart
'Along Russian Waterways' by Tony Devereux
SCRSS Digest Winter 2008 (pdf, 193KB)

Summer 2008
Publication date: July 2008
'Mikhail Andreyevich Savitksy' by Christine Lindey, lecturer in art history at Birkbeck College, University of London
'Study in Russia' by Dr Roy Bivon
SCRSS Digest Summer 2008 (pdf, 859 KB)

Spring 2008
Publication date: February 2008
'From Moscow to Beijing: An Olympic Journey by Jim Riordan, Visiting Professor in Sports Studies at the University of Worcester
'Elections in Russia' by Ralph Gibson, RIA Novosti Press Agency
SCRSS Digest Spring 2008 (pdf, 174 KB)

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Autumn 2007
Publication date: November 2007
'Russia and the New Cold War' by Kate Hudson, Chair of CND and Head of Social & Policy Studies at London South Bank University
'The Campbell Creighton Collection in the SCRSS Archive ' by Charlotte Kasner
SCRSS Digest Autumn 2007 (pdf, 169 KB)

Summer 2007
'On the 90th Anniversary of the Russian Revolution' by Kate Clark, former Moscow correspondent of the Morning Star and The Scotsman during the Gorbachev era
'Art and the Russian Revolution' by Christine Lindey, art historian
SCRSS Digest, Summer 2007 (pdf, 75 KB)

Spring 2007
'An Englishman at Russian National Unity Day, 4 November 2006' by Andrew Jameson, Chair of the Russian Committee of the Association for Language Learning
'Does Russia Want Tourists?' by Christina Gibbons, Operations Manager, Regent Holidays
SCRSS Digest, Spring 2007 (pdf, 57KB)

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Autumn 2006
'The New Shostakovich Archive' by Lewis Owens, President of the UK Shostakovich Society
SCRSS Digest, Autumn 2006 (pdf, 188KB)

Spring 2006
'SCR Architects and Planners Group 1945-91' by Jean Turner, Honorary Secretary of the SCRSS
SCRSS Digest, Spring 2006 (pdf, 160KB)

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Winter 2005
'Russian Football Today' by Jim Riordan, Emeritus Professor of Russian at Surrey University, Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts and President of the European Sports History Society
SCRSS Digest, Winter 2005 (pdf, 160KB)

Summer 2005
'Reflections on the 60th Anniversary of the End of the Second World War' by Geoffrey Roberts, Professor of History at University College Cork
SCRSS Digest, Summer 2005 (pdf, 199KB)

Spring 2005
'O! This Learning, What a Thing it is' by James Muckle, Special Professor in Comparative Education at the University of Nottingham
SCRSS Digest, Spring 2005 (pdf, 121KB)

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Autumn 2004
'Russian Roulette?' by Christopher Barlow
SCRSS Digest, Autumn 2004 (pdf, 1.35MB)

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Cover of SCRSS Digest (copyright SCRSS)


Cover of SCRSS Digest (copyright SCRSS)